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Daniel Prillaman


Midnight Syndicate Live! - ©Rebecca Nowak, 2019



Daniel (he/him) is a neurodivergent actor/writer/ginger Virginian currently based out of Northern Ohio.


He has a special fondness for absurdism, folklore, and horror, but ultimately loves plays about honest people (or talking animals) in situations he hasn't seen before. When not gleefully giving his "soul" to artistic endeavors and projects, he legitimately enjoys long walks on the beach, a video game with a glass of wine, and biscuits.

Most recently, he has been seen as a company member (portraying Sir Francis Drake) of Sterling Renaissance Festival’s Wyldewood Players. His plays include A Pirate Carol, The Ashen Crown, and You See Them in the Corners of Your Eyes, which have been produced in camp workshops and schools across the United States. His cosmic horror, In the Slush, was a Finalist for the 2023 Princess Grace Award.

Daniel is an alumnus of the University of Virginia and a member of the Dramatists Guild.



MARCH 5TH 2024

My romantic horror comedy, 

For a Limited Time Only (The Bread Play), was performed on Jonathan Cook's podcast, Gather By The Ghost Light.


If you want to follow along or read it:


The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2023
Gather by the Ghost Light Artwork



Water Damage, my short play about an apartment haunting, was published in The Best Ten-Minute Plays 2023.


Edited by Debbie Lamedman.




Rielle and the Owl Hunter - Part II

What is death

To those of us left behind?

Sorrow and wailing
They are our customary attendants

Only uniform in their visitations

But I invite thee
Consider the other end

Of that weighted scale

What if the demise of one
Is one that bringeth thee delight?

The sweet taste of justice at long last realized?

If a man's designs are to cause a death
What could be more delicious than the very fruits of that labor?

Wherefore should he weep for that which is his goal?

Rielle and the Owl Hunter is a medieval dark fantasy adventure in development for the stage. It is a trilogy, comprised of three plays: The King's Plague, Lamentationsand Pull Down the Stars.

Directly inspired by Shakespeare, as well as classic and modern fantasy like The Lord of the RingsGame of Thrones, and The Green Knight, the middle chapter explores themes of grief, revenge, and identity in the face of impending (and sudden) death. 

A full ensemble, with complex women front and center, creates rich settings and shocking twists in a story of a princess trying to protect her family, while questioning if she should.


As the King’s health continues to decline, Princess Friede and Mærwynn arrive in Mithun only to find it decimated by plague, the target of their search dead. As they struggle to determine their next course of action, a shocking death reverberates throughout the Capital city, setting off a chain of events that threaten to upheave the throne itself.


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